Preserving and Sustaining Idaho's Wildlife Heritage

The Boise River Wildlife Management Area was recently closed due to the Mile Marker 14 Fire. Over 4,300 acres of land burned that is managed by Fish and Game and various federal agencies. The Table Rock fire that occurred on June 30, 2016 burned over 2,500 acres of land. These burn areas include crucial winter range for animals, especially deer and elk, on the Boise River Wildlife Management Area (WMA). The Idaho Fish & Wildlife Foundation is working with various partners to help in the restoration effort.

Our most important partner is you! Your donation is needed to help restore critical wildlife habitat, particularly as winter approaches. We’ll keep you updated on funding and restoration progress.

Fish and Game is still in the preliminary stages of restoration planning. Depending on how the fires impacted specific areas of the WMA, future rehabilitation efforts may include allowing some areas to recover naturally, hand and machine planting of shrubs, grasses and forbs, and the broadcast seeding of local sagebrush. The use of bio controls, especially in lower elevation sites, to suppress annual grasses such as cheat grass will also be considered. Restoration planning will take into consideration numerous variables including the appropriate type of vegetation for an area, the optimum forage and cover for wildlife, and features of the landscape. Fish and Game biologists will be conducting further inspections of the burn areas to develop a more site-specific treatment plan within the next few months.



Wildlife education is one of the most vital tools for enhancing public understanding and appreciation of fish and wildlife resources and their management while shaping long-term enjoyment of Idaho’s natural resources.

We support quality education programs that help schoolchildren learn more about our wildlife resources and the different ways to enjoy Idaho’s fish and wildlife in the great outdoors. Other education projects provide current and future generations of Idahoans, as well as visitors to our state, a greater understanding of wildlife through nature exhibits, interpretive trails, guided activities, instruction, publications, and other unique wildlife experiences. Through education and recreational experiences, people become more interested in the role each of us can play in conserving and enhancing fish and wildlife resources for all to enjoy.

Idaho’s wildlife need sustainable habitats for survival. In Idaho, we are fortunate to have rich and numerous landscapes that provide critical habitat for thousands of animal species.

Changes to these habitats pose a risk to their existence and well-being. Habitat changes can result from both man-made and naturally occurring activities such as climate change, property development, invasive plants, population shifts, and other threats to ecosystems. To help preserve and improve wildlife habitats, the Foundation supports conservation projects such as species research and monitoring, fence construction, and streambed restoration, to name just a few. Your support will help our wildlife have a sustainable home in Idaho.

In addition to sport fish and game animals, Idaho’s diverse wildlife resources include creatures that are not hunted, fished or trapped—over 7,000 species and more than 90% of Idaho’s native wildlife.

You’ve undoubtedly had your own encounters with many of these species. They range from songbirds and raptors to bats, snakes, frogs and lizards. . . and thousands more! Your support will help to maintain the health and diversity of our native wildlife, including those that are threatened, endangered or with sensitive-species needs. Funds will assist in a variety of work that includes research and management, habitat rehabilitation, and conservation education materials. Conserving the diversity of nongame species enriches the lives of those who enjoy wildlife-related recreation such as bird watching, nature photography and just being outdoors. It is also critical to the continued health of the state’s ecosystems that benefit all of Idaho’s fish and wildlife resources. Your support helps to preserve the opportunity to see and experience the diversity and beauty that wildlife bring to our lives in Idaho.