Preserving and Sustaining Idaho's Wildlife Heritage

Success Stories / Magic Valley │ Wood River

LQ Drain Wildlife Habitat Shelterbelt Area
The Foundation provided funds to help rehabilitate and upgrade the existing irrigation system and to establish five 700-foot row wildlife shelterbelts. The Shelterbelts add another layer of dense cover for nesting and wintering upland game and non-game species.
Sawtooth Botanical Garden/Streamside Garden & Riparian Area

Visitors to Sun Valley can proudly view the results of an Idaho Fish & Wildlife Foundation grant at the Sawtooth Botanical Garden. Grant funds paid for the design and installation of three interpretive signs in the Garden’s riparian area. The colorful signs feature photos and information about plants and wildlife found in each of three streamside zones in the Big Wood River Basin: the Lowlands, located in the sageland steppe along Silver Creek; the Montane, the mid-valley section among the cottonwood trees; and the Upper Montane, which includes meadows and stands of conifers. Other improvements to the Sawtooth Botanical Garden include removal of invasive and undesirable plants, construction of a walkway along the spring-fed creek and installation of two bridges, and a streamside viewing bench. The riparian zone is used for children’s educational programs.
Harriman Trail Interpretive Signs
The Harriman Trail Fisheries Interpretive Site, in memory of Jack Hemingway, was jointly sponsored by the Foundation and the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. The Harriman Trail is an 18-mile recreational pathway which links the south end of the Sawtooth National recreation area to Galena Lodge. The display provides a long-lasting education and informational display for anglers and other recreationists.
Magic Valley Bowhunter Education Programs
The Foundation granted funds to the Magic Valley Bowhunter organization to be used for equipment, educational programs and outdoor signage. The organization is dedicated to the training and education of sporting archers in a safe and fun environment while preserving the archery heritage. The Magic Valley Bowhunters serves archers in Twin Falls, Jerome County and surrounding areas.
Wildlife Habitat Area Shelterbelt Development Project
The Foundation funded a third phase of a restoration project that began in 2001 to create wetlands and reduce sediment and nutrients in the Mid-Snake River. The grant provided the necessary funds to continue to rehabilitate and upgrade the existing irrigation system and establish a shelterbelt which will add another layer of dense cover for nesting and wintering upland game and non-game species. Other project partners were Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife and the Twin Falls Canal Company.