Preserving and Sustaining Idaho's Wildlife Heritage

Success Stories / Clearwater

Redbird Canyon
1RedBrdThe 2,862-acre Redbird Canyon property along the Snake River was purchased by the Idaho Fish & Wildlife Foundation in 2006. It was deeded to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game in 2013. The property provides important habitat for bighorn sheep and other wildlife and offers recreational opportunities for the public. Public information signs provide helpful information on the history of the property, boundaries, management goals, rules and regulations for public use.
Tommy Robinson Pond Restoration
The Tommy Robinson restoration project re-established the once-popular fishing pond in Kamiah as a quality public fishery and wildlife habitat. An important piece of the restoration project was building a public recreation site that included a parking lot, picnic area, interpretive signage, fishing docks, permanent restroom, and handicapped pathways. Other supporters of the project included FishAmerica Foundation and Flying B Ranch.
Squaw Creek Culvert Replacement
The Foundation provided a grant to the Idaho County Board of Commissioners to replace an undersized and breeched culvert on Squaw Creek to help steelhead trout and spring run Chinook to access more than 3.5 miles of spawning and early-rearing habitat. Additional work improved the habitat by flattening the Squaw Creek channel slope, installing rip rap scour protection, reshaping the Papoose Creek channel, and replacing all trees removed during construction. Partners included Idaho Pacific Coast Salmon Recover Fund; the NOAA Fisheries Community-based Restoration Program; Idaho County Roads Department; Idaho Department of Fish and Game and Idaho Soil Conservation Commission.
Floodwood Enforcement Cabin
The Foundation partnered with the DeVlieg Foundation to help fund the Idaho Department of Fish and Game’s construction of an enforcement cabin in the Floodwood State Forest. The 1,800 square mile area is heavily used by hunters and anglers. The cabin provides a place for construction officers during patrols of this isolated area, increasing enforcement presence and the ability to cover more territory.
Lewiston Wildlife Habitat
LewistonWLHabitatThe Lewiston Wildlife Habitat Area is a wildlife-friendly oasis. The area is registered with the National Wildlife Federation as a “Backyard Wildlife Habitat Area.”  The five-acre area includes an underwater viewing window and an observation gazebo outfitted with one-way glass. It is surrounded by bird feeders, providing visitors with up-close wildlife viewing. The area is available for self-guided tours and is ADA accessible. The Foundation worked in partnership with the DeVlieg Foundation to provide funds for landscaping and interpretive kiosks located on the grounds.